21 July 2015

Cloud Divination

It is amazing to me the things we do in everyday, mundane life that have magical roots (which, as it turns out, is pretty much everything). Something that I thought was so cool that I read in a book was how people actually used to/magical people still do, use the clouds for divination/psychological insight like others may with tea leaves, dreams, or Tarot. Totally makes sense, right? The archetypes span all of these, but you can come up with your own personal meanings based on experience. Nature was the original religion, and people were connected and saw signs everywhere within it. A few symbols from the book include bird for psychic power or other communication, while horse symbolizes strength and grace. You should be able to use a Dream Dictionary for any cloud divining you do. 

I just love that something we all do as kids actually tunes us in with our ancestors, who would have been watching the clouds during the day and the stars, moon, and planets at night. And it is a lovely excuse to stop adulting for a few, clear your mind, and gaze softly up at the sky. btw, This is one way that ancient traditions have survived- by being rebranded as mundane. 

What do you think? 

PS I can't even type the word "divination" without loling to myself and thinking of Trewalney from Harry Potter warning Harry about The Grim. Also I kind of want to do posts on the astro of various HP characters but it's just so nerdy. 

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