19 July 2015

on chi

Lately I've been thinking about chi, or Qi, or prana, life energy force, what have you. And how when you have thoughts / anxieties / whatever circling around in your brain, or body, it stagnates your chi. Overthinking stagnates it. Maybe you're familiar with this feeling, feeling stuck, frustrated, powerless. So, how do you offset the stagnation? By doing. For some, this may mean writing, as this generates the chi as well as helps you work through that which is cycling about in your brain. For others, this may mean art, or talking about it, or playing music, or yoga, or running. I think what this "thing" is, is very personal. Whatever your natural inclination is. But often the act of doing / creating helps to move things along. 

What do you think?

Moon is currently in Virgo, supports organization and all that good stuff...

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