28 July 2015

mercury retro

Thinking about having Mercury retrograde in your chart. I have it, in Pisces, but when Mercury actually *turned* retrograde, it was in Aries. I'm wondering how this manifests, if at all. I have other Aries in my chart as well, which could blur any distinctions I try to make, along with a tricky Mars Uranus aspects to my Mercury. Sometimes I speak out of turn, put my foot in my mouth, or just don't *think* before I say something. It's so annoying. But this is juxtaposed with times of incredible shyness, awkwardness, and not feeling like I want to talk at all. Perhaps this is both the Aries and Pisces being expressed, going back and forth. An Aries Mercury gone sliding back into the choppy waters of Pisces, trying to be direct etc but getting lost in the waves. Or perhaps it is fully Piscean, and the other aspects to my Mercury is what screws me up. In any case, I would be completely lost without a journal for processing.

Who here has Mercury retrograde? Thoughts?

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