02 February 2013


A message I keep getting with Tarot is that I need to plan, visualize my goals.
Really, this is part of magic. Setting the goal, DEFINING the goal (which can prove quite difficult),
then using your resources to propel forward.

Many planets in Pisces now. Plus the moon is in Scorpio today and tomorrow.
Much of the Pisces planets are on my Jupiter. Spiritual expansion?
But Neptune's there... foggy.

The things I value most include my family and friends, of course.
Also, TRAVEL. Important to me. A goal. Ongoing. : )
And, Astrology (and Tarot). I really am inspired to beef up my knowledge. Make something more. Build my foundation more sturdily.

Both things seem limitless, and I think that is part of what draws me in. No upper limit. "The limit doesn't exist."

Another message I received from Tarot today was one of personal power. To be the one in charge of my emotional well-being. Not giving that power away to others.
I think this is something that a lot of sensitive types deal with, and I think, for me anyway, it has to do with my moon. My moon in Taurus, in the 8th house. I can get too invested in the feelings, emotions of others without even realizing it. This doesn't lead anywhere good.
 I've gotten this message before but not as poignant as today. It's like the card (King of Cups, reversed) was shouting at me to reign that in, bring it back. To get a handle on it, which in turn can help me move further with my goals, visualizations...

What do you think? What does your moon say?

this is what it feels like in my head today!

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