29 October 2012

more personal

i realized today that i haven't been super kind to myself lately. or, i've been a little TOO kind, aka indulgent, which for me and my pisces sun has the tendency to run away from me a little bit and then i get caught up in a cycle which is neither helpful or healthy. it just keeps me stuck. i gotta get back on track! 

go to bed earlier (again. i did this for a while but the habit didn't quite stick)

go for walks (i'm decent at this one, but i want to maintain it)

yoga (i've fallen off the wagon, y'all, and my body officially hates me for it)

well, the physically also applies to the mentally. :P but more specifically:

journaling daily again, including about the current moon sign

astro studies


making reasonable to do lists for each day, to be more organized and less overwhelmed feeling

taking breaks from damn technology


do the daily quick meditation sessions. i love thinking about it as a way to basically give your brain a workout, activating different areas than you usually use... inspiring.

using my oracle cards, and getting card readings from others

self-energy work. and/or... hit up a reiki share?!


  obviously, all of these tie in with one another. :) i have some big decisions to make soon, and i'm just not going to be able to make a good one without first clearing all this junk out that keeps me in limbo. easier said than done, of course, heh.

oh, and happy full moon. here's a photo from over the weekend, so it wasn't quite full yet...

it's in taurus. opposing all that scorpio in the sky!

hope that everyone affected by sandy is staying safe & warm.


  1. I hear you, girl ! I also have got to get more organized here, must make myself a brief schedule of several ares oaf my life to keep me on track. Too easy to get off at times! Also, I am trying to bet a new business started on Etsy, so got to get fired up for that! Wish me luck!

  2. It seems to be going around - Pluto is applying transforming energies on us all :) Here we go weeeeee xoxo