15 October 2012

new moon!

the aspect has been exact, and the moon is now moving away from the sun, (sun + moon conjunct=new moon) but still- it's new moon time! in libra! huzzah. new moons are for planting seeds. looking at what to do in the present to create the future you want. 

i actually forgot what my intentions were. i had to look back in my astro class notes to find it, but there it was: focus on my needs and better meeting them. making healthier choices (physically and otherwise), just one by one. how typical that i forgot- this is why i have to write things down! it may sound vague, but it means something to me. Just keeping those two little thoughts in my brain can help... that awareness helps. i probably should write it down on a post-it or something and put it somewhere prominent so i get that *visual* everyday, as my teacher suggested...

visiting the place below was part of this, though, even though it was last week- going out in nature all by myself and just taking it all in. it wasn't for very long, but it was enough. i took some pix so i could be transported back if need be, lol.

your intention(s) don't have to be some lofty goal. it can be just a little thing that you've been meaning to devote time to. it could have to do with anything you'd like. you're free to decide. :) 

one of my most favorite places, in robbinston, maine.

another view from the coast of robbinston, maine. yes, it was cold, but it was worth it. ;)

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