10 October 2012

autumn sounds/astro talk

"What angers you, controls you." I saw that while driving past a church! It struck a chord, though... Anger is a deep, dark beast.

It's fall... this song, Haiti, by Arcade Fire, is super fallish to me. I remember a few years ago, making the 234 mile trek from my place to my hometown, driving through the red and yellow and orange and dark green trees, and it was already starting to get dark out, and for a stretch of road, just listening to this song on repeat. 

Also, I'm currently obsessed with Gorillaz/Gorillaz radio on Pandora, and Dirty Harry is, I think, becoming another tune that I will associate with this time of year:

some tree action. kings landing, new brunswick, canada.


Sun is at 17* Libra. It's broken through to my first house! Self awareness. Out of the mists of the 12th house, into hopefully seeing myself again... it's starting. I feel it. 

I did a seven card draw last night (the arc) and I had the realization that it's me, resisting change at this deep down level I'm still not fully aware of- just caught a glimpse. Thoughts and feelings of not being worthy, of not thinking I'm good enough to continue on this path... even thought I am getting signals otherwise. I know this change, this evolution is necessary  I just never thought of myself as resisting before, but... there you go.

My action step is the wind faery, who represents strategy, focusing my mind, focusing my thoughts. Being aware of my thoughts- do they empower me, or not? Are they positive or worrisome? Using the analytical mind- conveying my thoughts and feelings. Improving communication, written and verbal. Crazy how right on this is for me right now. Mars will so soon be in my third house of communication (and short trips, and siblings)- I'm looking forward to the boost in that area of my life.I'm nervous as shit over some of the things I'll be doing, but I feel like it's time to stop resisting... in my passive way.

That's what the houses are... representative of different areas of life. Mars is energy. My natal Mars is in Sag, as is the current Mars. We'll see...

Where is this Mars for you? What's your favorite fall music?

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