24 October 2012

astro link

Soul Horoscopes (scroll down just a bit to get to them) are up at Soulgarden. It's about a ten minute video (give or take), all about your sign for the upcoming week. I think that the Astrologer, Chris Witecki, does a great job of making the week's transits easy to understand about how they relate to you.

"A belief is an idea your heart backs up."
"Do your beliefs allow you to love yourself, or put you in conflict with loving yourself?"
A couple quotes from the Pisces one... hmm.

Just wanted to share- not going to write a real post right now.

There's a lot of Scorpio in the sky, and a Pisces moon new for the morning. I think it may help us move forward in our goals (as it is trining the sun and Saturn in Scorpio), but in a less... obvious way. May be gathering inspiration, or refining a vision. What do you think?

spooky portland, maine.

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