04 October 2012

i'd rather be sleeping

Gah... I have been SO low-energy lately. Last week/earlier this week I could blame it on tangible illness, but now I have moved past that and I just feel burned out, foggy-headed and fatigued. And it's really, really annoying. I feel guilty that I haven't been able to pay enough attention to my child, and that he's been getting too much ipad time.I mean, I'm paying attention to him, I just haven't been able to play with him like I usually do. I got 8+ hours of sleep last night, so it's not that. I've eaten enough today. 

My astrologer pointed out that today Jupiter goes retrograde- he's been in the sign of Gemini, transiting my 9th house of higher learning, spirituality, travel- and boy, have I been feeling the expansiveness in that area. The astrology classes, becoming more in tune with my cards- It's been a lot in a relatively short period of time. And it's... not physical. That component is missing. Obviously, I still, you know, move, but largely my focus has been on intellectual and metaphysical pursuits. Jupiter retrograde should be a break, a rest. God, I need it. But resting is just so inconvenient. Our society does not support the notion of rest. We are expected to work through illness and exhaustion. My personality is not one for rest. I'd rather be doing things. But then the dizziness and lightheadedness comes and it's just not worth it. My body speaks and my brain ignores, but today I will succumb.

editing to clarify that getting a break from all this mental activity (while Jupiter backtracks) is much-needed for me, to recoup- at this point, I feel like I can hardly absorb anymore information. I really need to meditate, routinely. Like daily. It's the ultimate brain-break. Sticking to routines can be so challenging when I'm the only one enforcing them...

Sorry... I don't mean to complain. I did get out for a beautiful walk this morning on the salt marsh:

Wondering about your Jupiter? I'd be happy to take a peek and see what's up.


  1. love it Caroline - I feel the same way information overload.... I went to yoga last night and I kept thinking I need to go to yoga everyday... Just for the quiet movement xoxo

  2. Hi Mary! I feel hungover from it lol. Yoga sounds fabulous :) quiet movement, that's exactly it... omg yoga class everyday would be amaaazing!