21 October 2012

crystals & stones & angel card readings

I've been pretty into my stones & crystals lately. My favorites, currently, are amethyst and rose quartz. The rose quartz is great for your heart chakra and helping to clear out negative emotions around love and blocked love. Amethyst is amazing for healing and clarity; it's great for your third eye chakra and helping to dispel confusion. 

I also love aquamarine, as it's healing, calming, and helps with creativity. It's also supposed to be protective.

It's really cool to use stones and crystals in meditation as you can feel the effects- cooling of your receptive hand, or the chakra in question, for example- very quickly. Like how it is when you're outside meditating with the earth. :)

We had some old stones that had been in a box for way too long, so I did a quick charging of them in the sunlight, but from now on I am going to focus on using the light from the full moon instead. It's gentler on the color of the stones and crystals, won't fade them, for example. :) Desperate times, and a new moon called for it this time. heh.

My sister in law, Jasmine, really got me into crystals a few years back! She knows tons about their properties and also is certified in giving Angel Card Readings, from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Deck. I've had a bunch of readings done by her and they're always so informative and offer great insight and advice with whatever I'm going through at the moment. :)

If you're interested in receiving an Angel Card Reading by her, please send her an email. :)

Happy Sunday, y'all... I'll be writing more this week, promise!

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