13 November 2012

mad world

new moon time. scorpio sun, scorpio moon. intention and ritual time, as carried over from last month's new moon which occurred while taking an astrology class. finding one of each was our homework for the new moon...

it serves kind of as a reevaluation, reflection AND thinking forward. emphasized by the mercury rx (retrograde), i think. reevaluating where you've been the past month, or two weeks, and where you want to go from your present state. makes me think of goal setting, on a personal level. can be the first step of a long term goal or something you want to work on just for the month.

so far i've smudged my home, and myself. clearing. that's the ritual i chose last month from class. i like it. it's methodical, physical, very grounding. clearing out my home of anything stale, leftover. neutralizing. same with me. it sounds hippie dippie, but i like it.you can do whatever you want, though. :)

i'm still not sure of my intention. i have a few ideas though.

and happy diwali!

festival of lights!

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