08 May 2012

musings inspired

*My dudes watching last weekend's Scorpio full moon... yay for warm nights!

*I'm cross-posting from everyday adventures (my totally unfocused, whatever blog), but will add a little extra here as well!

*To better understand astrology and myself... I have began keeping a celestial journal, of sorts. (I ordered one on Amazon, and I was so happy to get it in the mail today... but I ordered the 2011 edition instead of the 2012! d'oh... but in my defense, why were they even selling 2011 anymore?!) So, I will return that one, and will get a 2012 one, but until then just have my own.

*I am focusing on the transits of the moon. I was reading on skywriter (amazing site, btw) that, because the moon runs through all the signs so quickly, you can observe how you feel when certain aspects are made with your personal planets. Get an idea of how you're affected. Like, when I felt insane the other night? Oh look, Scorpio moon directly opposing my natal moon in Taurus, in the 8th house. And it passed quickly, like the moon through degrees, but when it was exact, it was intense. Feeling inadequate, lost, unloved. I found this out after the fact, by the way. There's a quote about this, about not being controlled by the stars, but rather being freed by them... Astrology helps me like that. Helps me to understand certain influences, and that even when I'm having a crazy Caroline moment, that it's temporary, and I can choose how to behave... or something.

*Anyway, today my 3rd and 6th houses are really being activated by the moon. Communications, work, writing. I've been studying for about an hour, got my journal all organized, cleaned around the house, story time with the babe, who is now napping. Talked to and firmed up plans with an old friend I haven't seen in... years! :) Moon on my Mars today, in the 3rd=action from communication, with an old friend=very Sagittarian. :)

*And yesterday, it was funny, day two of this journal and early in the day the transiting (current) moon was conjunct (right on) my Saturn, in the second house. Now, one of the themes of the moon is home. Saturn is all about duty, work, achievements. Well, I woke up, had some coffee, made my kid breakfast, and did a MAJOR house(apartment)clean. Stuff had gotten really messy. Then later on in the day when I did my journaling, I find that, oh, well that makes sense, as together, Saturn and the moon, that I want to work on my home. Just funny things like that. :)

*If you want to get an idea on your transits, it's quite easy to find. I use a combo of sources... here on astro, next to "Please select the type of chart you want," select "Natal charts and transits." It puts all the transiting planets on the outside of your chart. Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can get Astrolabe's app Celeste, which after you put in your chart you can select "weather" and it tells you aspects that the transiting planets are making to your natal ones. (aka the ones in your own chart.) If you're interested in doing this but are having trouble, let me know! I'd be happy to help... I'm also happy to do short readings, for now, for free, as I am still learning, and you would totally be a guinea pig. :)

*That's all for now... maybe more later. 

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