25 April 2012

gemini moon

Soo, I've been writing more in my other blog lately (and by lately, I mean the past three days- in a row! :|). I think this may continue to be the trend... I'm writing about this and that in it, but am including Astrology stuff as well... which I will then copy and paste over to here, as well! I'm also working on a post about Mercury for this blog... but may cross-post that one as well. Anyway, this is what I wrote today, under this Gemini moon--

Today the moon is in Gemini (not for too much longer, though). It's trining (making a 120* angle- favorable aspect) to Saturn, which is in Libra, so I think this could be a good time to brainstorm about your goals, how you'd like to move forward in life. Could be career, love, just in general. You don't need to overexert your brain, though, and nothing that you come up with has to be set in stone, so don't stress too hard, just appreciate the support from the sky. ;) This is what I tell myself, anyway, when I start to freak out about not having it all figured out at once. ha. That "of two minds" influence is affecting us all... especially us mutable types!

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