22 March 2012

New Moon Love

It seems as though many people I know struggle with knowing what it is they truly want out of life. Or they know it, but have challenges in meeting it. There are often barriers to getting what we really want, which is where hard work and determination come in, of course. But often I personally have trouble just narrowing my focus, you know? Like, I can see all these avenues I could venture down, but which one? Anyway, I'm rambling. The point is, we are super close to a new moon in Aries (meaning the moon and sun will both be in the same degree of Aries just a little later this morning). Aries is the beginning of the zodiac (it corresponds with the beginning of spring). There's also a lot of other planets in Aries right now. So, basically, now is a great time to visualize and plant the seeds of what it is you want to achieve. And just to make a small step toward it, in your busy life, to find just moments or extended moments where you can do what it is you really want to do. Sorry if this sounds vague, I'm slightly distracted by the sounds of "Curious George" right now... and thinking of the billion things I have to do today. But think about it. If you're lacking clarity, ask for clarity. Visualize what you see blocked as becoming released. And if you only have some inkling, move in the direction toward it. Trust yourself, because that inkling I think is probably correct. Even if there's more than one, they may all go together and you just can't see it yet. I think this will be supported by Mercury going retrograde (backward); at this moment it's in Aries, but will be going back to Pisces very shortly. I think this will be good for introspection and reevaluating things to make sure we're going in the direction we want. I think it will also be really good for meditating/prayer too, especially with Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries- I'm thinking, flashes of knowledge, intuition, that seem to come from nowhere, if we're paying attention. I've been getting some of that stuff while I'm drifting off to sleep, but I'm still conscious, so I realize it and am like, woah! But then I get sleepy and fall asleep and only remember a sliver in the morning. Guess I need a dream journal. ;) Also this retrograde brings my Mercury return, because of course I was born during a crazy mercurian time. ;)

*Also inspired by moonplutoastrology.com to draw some cards... I use oracle cards as opposed to tarot, but I thought I would draw the three for this new moon and I'm happy with the ones I got, they all seem to go with what I've been thinking about... psychic gifts, being creative & creative action, and optimism. Love how they all seem to go together...
Peace & Love

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