14 August 2013

Wednesday Roundup

I'm going to be listing some of my favorite blog posts and videos for today. But first, the moon is currently in Scorpio, and moving into Sagittarius this afternoon. Expect your mood to lighten with this shift! These days I think of the Sag moon as a break between Scorpio and Capricorn moons, both of which make some uncomfortable aspects with other planets in the sky right now, which can feel heavy.

Okay, I'm feeling pulling a card for y'all today. What to embrace right now.

From Steven Farmer's Earth Magic deck- Iceberg. Submerged.

How fitting for this Scorpio moon. This card is about dealing with your shadow aspects. The parts of yourself that you try to keep out of your conscious awareness, because it is uncomfortable, icky, youjustwanttothinkaboutanythingelse. So we stuff it down. Like the tip of an iceberg, it rears it's head with shame and guilt, while the bulk of it lies beneath our consciousness.

Now is the time to embrace this. Instead of shunning it, hugging it, so to speak. Sending love there instead of shame. Dissolving the blocks. A little at a time. Maybe it's a dream you have but feel it's impossible to attain, maybe it's something far yuckier, but either way embrace it. Right now is the time to get in touch with this and allow the flow of feeling without self-judgement. Feeling things is natural. The feeling can lead to healing.

Anyway... the links.

Wonderful article on the current Neptune retrograde and how you may be experiencing it from Starcana.

A really inspiring post about walking away from corporate life by Biddy Tarot.

Some asteroid talk featuring Juno from Aliza at MoonPluto Astrology.

If you're interested, here are the videos I'm queuing up for myself when I make the time.

Weekly horoscopes by Chris at SoulGarden. I like to watch for both my sun sign and rising.

Doreen Virtue's latest three-card reading for the week here.

Monthly horoscopes by Kelley Rosano. She's already into September, but her August ones are available as well!

It's not up yet, but the weekly Pele Report should be up later today.

I've been having some minor issues with subscriptions being delayed in getting sent to people! I'm working on a solution. In the meantime, if you're on facebook, feel free to like my page (make sure to select "show all" for posts) to keep current. Thank you!

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