07 January 2016

new moon in capricorn time!

(This entry is a re-post from early 2013, but it still feels relevant. I have updated the new moon information so it is accurate for 2016.)

The moon enters Capricorn tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10:07 eastern time. The new moon is exact Saturday evening, 8:31 p.m. eastern time. It is at 19* Capricorn.

There's other Capricorn action in the sky right now, as well- Mercury retrograde, Pluto, and lastly, the sun, which is why it's a new moon. (Full moons, by contrast, occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs).

Do you have planets in Capricorn? If so, there's a good chance they are being transited by the planets in Capricorn right now. If you peek at your chart and see the house(s) where Capricorn lies (even if you don't have any planets there), it will give you clues as to the areas of your life being affected right now.

Let's say you have a Capricorn moon. All the planetary movement in Capricorn, then, is raising topics surrounding your needs and security. What do you need to feel secure, and do you feel as though it is attainable? How are you striving for this security- from outside sources, or from within yourself ? Either way, creating a strong foundation is paramount.

Taking it one step further- say your Capricorn moon is in the third house. This house is very mentally based, and has to do with things pertaining to communication (verbal and written), light daily travel, and relationships with brothers and sisters. How are you feeling about these topics? Perhaps relationships with siblings are feeling tested, or you're trying to communicate more openly with your loved ones but you're running into speed bumps. The new moon here is going to bring a focus to these topics, and if you are receptive to a solution- rather than just focusing on the problem itself- you may have a revelation, OR at least realize that you want to move forward with these things.

If you're a Capricorn sun, you may feel as though your entire being is on a wild ride. And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way! You are growing. Up or down? Shying away or trying to embrace it?

I've talked about different meanings of the houses here. Take a minute, put your info into Astro and see what number your Capricorn house is. We ALL have a Capricorn house, so even if you don't have any planets there you still have an area of life (house) being affected. Then you can refer to this handy cheat sheet to see the area of your life being brought into focus- remember, this is where the sun and moon will be, as they are conjunct (in the same sign) during a new moon. Illumination inside and out!

Thanks so much to everyone reading this! I wasn't sure for a while if I was going to continue with this blog or not. I'm going to be doing some light re-vamping this month (Mercury retrograde), and as a challenge to myself will post once weekly and see where it goes from there. Thanks again lovelies. x

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