22 October 2015

What I'm Into...

Wanted to play catch up and tell you guys a few things I've been into/up to lately...

-Epsom salt + dried lavender baths. They're amazing. Sometimes I like to burn sage while soaking to freshen up my/the general vibes. Epsom salt, in addition to acting like a saline and making the bathwater super clean, also draws out toxins AND infuses your body with magnesium, which many people could use more of. I find it very relaxing, and am usually ready for bed afterward! It's super economical, you can get it at the dollar store, etc.

-Binaural beats. While researching the science of them, I came across a handy guide to different brain waves. It appears that while I awake I have a tendency to be at beta level, which is connected with "active, busy or anxious thinking." Binaural beats help to stimulate other brain waves, which can help you relax or experience a different consciousness. For example, Theta waves are connected with deep meditation/relaxation, while Gamma waves are connected with higher mental activity. Mu waves intrigue me and I need to do more research on them. I know there is a Mu tea (hi, Nancy!)... coincidence? There are tons of binaural beats you can listen to on YouTube. My oldest calls them "outer space music."
(wiki link for those interested).

-Art. Nothing crazy, but I got some new coloured pencils and I'm in love. Drawing and painting are activities I love, but have made very little time for over the past few years so it feels nice to bring it back. I realized that I hadn't been making enough time for doing certain things I love to do, so it's something I'm working on. I get burned out and crazy acting if I don't keep my self-care game tight.

-Working on getting my house in order. We moved in August and we're still working on getting our home the way we want it, although we've made a ton of progress that I don't want to discredit, ha. I'm on the lookout for a bench that doubles as a bookshelf for the kids' books.

-My social media management business. I love doing this work and helping small businesses (my forte) thrive.

-Fiverr! I mentioned this in my previous post, but after receiving positive feedback from a client on there I have to plug my cheapo astro/Tarot readings again. This is my dream work, what I absolutely love to do. One goal I have is to make actual business plans for this and my social media stuff, and take action steps in expanding both.
(cheapo readings!)

Thanks for reading, guys! What have you been up to lately? 

P.S. Follow me on instagram if you're on there! I pull cards and do witchy stuff on a regular basis. Come play! 

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